SmartCP Logistics

Software for transport and logistics companies that allows you to keep all the necessary reports for the company, receive analytics, calculate profitability and much more.

Responsive user interface for all devices

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High-quality reporting with all the necessary data
  • Calculation of profit on each order
  • History of data changes for each order
  • Summing up all the most basic data
  • Quick search for any data
  • Ability to tie up documents (photos, pdf files, scanned copies) separately for each order
  • Monthly summary
  • Autocomplete data when adding new order - saving time and reducing manual work
  • Integration with tracking systems (see details below)
  • Integration with fuel and toll cards systems (see details below)
High-quality reporting with all the necessary data
Fleet and trailers management
Fleet and trailers management
  • Filling in basic data for each vehicle
  • Integration with tracking systems: pulling data from the odometer sensor, the amount of fuel and other important data provided by the tracking system
  • Timely notifications about the expiration of any documents
  • Storing vehicle documents as: photos, pdf files, scanned copies
  • Work planning for drivers and vehicles
  • Timely notifications about the end of the work of drivers
  • Monthly expenses control
  • Storing information about fuel and toll cards, as well as tying them for each vehicle
  • Maintaining repairs history
trailers management looks the same way
Analytics of the company's work and calculation of profitability
  • Company's profit calculation by months
  • Autocomplete data based on relevant reports
  • Importing data using Excel reports - the system reads the document and autocomplete all the data
  • Reporting about all expenses
  • Profit calculation for each vehicle
Analytics of the company's work and calculation of profitability
Integration with tracking systems

Integration with tracking systems greatly simplifies filling out reports.

By adding an order in your SmartCP, a route will be automatically plotted and tasks will be created for the vehicle in the tracking system.

As tasks are completed in the tracking system, SmartCP receives this data and automatically fills in the relevant required data in the reports.

All this functionality allows you to reduce manual work and save a huge amount of time.

In this example, you can see the history of data changes in a particular order.
The only thing that a human did was to add an order to the SmartCP system, then with the help of integration, the system itself fills in all the necessary data.
Integration with fuel and toll cards systems

Integration with fuel and toll cards systems also allows you to automatically fill in costs data related to gas stations and toll roads.

Possibility in a simplified form (the system does everything by itself) to calculate the monthly profitability of the company.

And also in reunion with integration with tracking systems - the ability to receive real-time analytics, understanding in advance whether the vehicle will cover all costs and whether it will bring profit this month.

What if we use a different tracking system or a fuel and toll cards system? (Not the one with which SmartCP has integration)
- It's absolutely not a problem. As a rule, any service provides the possibility of integration to its customers. You will need to contact tech. support of the service you use with a request for possible integration and transfer the received data to the developer of your SmartCP.