SmartCP Human Resources

Software that will allow you to easily manage personnel of both one and many companies, with maximum efficiency, simplicity and convenience.

Responsive user interface for all devices

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Informative dashboard
  • Client requests (if you serve HR of several companies)
  • List of nearest expiring documents for employees
  • List of recently added workers to the system
  • Age data (average age of workers, youngest/oldest worker)
  • Birthday Reminders
  • Employee addition statistics
  • General statistics of employees in the system
  • Worker nationality statistics
  • Documents statistics
  • Companies statistics
  • Progress in the filling of personal files of each employee in the company
  • Easy search and filtering of employees in the system
Informative dashboard
Personal files of employees
Personal files of employees
  • Progress in the filling of the employee's personal file
  • General employee data
  • Passport data
  • Registration data
  • Bank account data
  • Complete history of all employee documents
  • Storing of scanned copies of documents
  • Fast document generation (see details below)
  • History of changes made in the employee's personal file
Fast document generation
This functionality makes it possible to get the same result, turning a job that takes several hours into a few seconds.
All you need to do is create a document template once.
In places where the data of the employee / company should be - we enter certain tags.
The list of tags and their description is present in the system, on the page where the templates are uploading.
After adding the document template to the system, we go into the personal file of any employee,
go to the "Document generation" tab, find the needed document and click on it.
Thus, you can generate the documents you need for any employee in one click.