SmartCP Consulting

Software for consulting companies that allows you to serve clients and fully manage all company processes.

Responsive user interface for all devices

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Convenient system for managing all company processes
  • List of clients served
  • List of services provided
  • Reporting on each of the services provided by months
  • General summary for accounting
  • Various statistics and analytics
  • Lists of debtors
  • Fast generation of documents/contracts (see details below)
Convenient system for managing all company processes
Fast document generation
This functionality makes it possible to get the same result, turning a job that takes several hours into a few seconds.
All you need to do is create a document template once.
In places where there should be relevant data - we enter certain tags.
The list of tags and their description is present in the system, on the page where the templates are uploading.
After adding the document template to the system,
select documents and clients for which you need to generate documents.
Thus, you can generate the documents you need in one click.